Have something cool to say about various categories on our website? You want to get your content marketing in front of a global market? Want to share that with the web audience? You are in the right place! We are looking for new inspired guest authors/contributors. If you have got a nice article or ideas that could make our readers impressed, we are willing to hear about it! Write for us..

We Accept the Following Content

Mobile App Design/Development

WordPress Development

Business Productivity Tips

Internet of Things (IoT)

Virtual Reality Information

User Experience Design

Autonomous Technology

Web Design Trends & Inspiration

Topics on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Tech Business News and Deep Learning

Technology, Gadget Information and Gadget Reviews

Database related fields such as Big Data Analysis, Integration, Information and reviews etc

Tech related topics on Computers, Automobile, Electronics, Smartphone and Airplane etc

Writing Guidelines

– Mind that the length of the article should not be less than 500 words.

– Be creative and original. All the content must be unique and not posted elsewhere.

– Include 2-5 images related to the article.

– If you prefer creating bite-sized articles, you are always welcome! We are also looking for useful interactive charts and infographics that impress the web audience/readers, especially the ones related to our niche.

Kindly check your article before sending:

– If sentences are too long

– Readability Score (should be over 50+)

– Less passive voice.

– Grammar check

Submission Process

Our submission process is relatively simple.

Here is what you need to do:


Have an idea of something you would like to write about? Great. Take a look through our website and make sure we have not covered it before. If you are simply looking for inspiration, head over to our Categories and see what you can come up with.

Please also be sure to review the licensing terms before submitting your work.


Once you have got an idea ready to go, send us an original pitch along with a brief outline of your experience and links to related content. Please note that we do not accept content re-written from other sources. All ideas and subjects explored within your piece must be original.

We will review your proposal for suitability and revert back as soon as we can. While we would love to accept everything that comes our way, not every submission is right for RenewedNotions. If we decline your content pitch, please feel free to submit the idea (or content, if already written) elsewhere.


If we like what we see and accept your pitch, go ahead and write it up.

A few notes about how to prepare your submission:

We accept content in a variety of formats: Google Docs, Word, plain text and markdown

If you would like to submit high-resolution images with your article, make sure they are optimized for the web (either JPG or PNG is fine)

Include a brief bio at the end of your piece. You can include a link to your website and social media here.

We review each submission within a few days of receipt. Once we have assessed your content for quality and fit, we will get back to you with our final decision.

Please note that we do reserve the right to make edits to contributed content.

If you have helpful tips, trusty tools, tricks, or a knack for getting industry experts to speak to you – and you are a great writer – we want to hear from you!

Send Us Your Article Ideas

Please send your content/article ideas to [email protected]