The Best Golf Apps for Android and iOS

Golf is a game of skill, and it can prove frustratingly tough to drive, pitch, and putt your way around 18 holes in as few strokes as possible. Golf can also be a little unnerving as well because of the amount data you need to collect and track. We picked out the best golf apps for Android and iOS that could make the difference between a bogey and birdie.

18Birdies: Golf GPS App

You can use this app as a GPS rangefinder, digital scorecard, and stat tracker. It also offers side games, rewards, and a lot of news about the golfing world. You can even share rounds and compete for a spot on the leaderboard or find out about local events to compete in. It also supports both Apple Watch and Wear OS. You will struggle to find more features in a free app. Spring for the premium membership at $5 per month and you’ll get access to discounts, advanced course data and stats, live weather information, and video lessons. Recent releases make it easier to have a friendly competition among playing partners. It’s also easier to get feedback from the app’s A.I. swing coach with the new auto-capture tool. Just press Record, take a couple of swings, and the A.I. coach does the rest. Scorecards are now even better integrated into your post-round summary for a quicker view of your scores.

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Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

This app is designed to help you to record your strokes and improve your golf swing. You can record swings, create highlight videos with tracer overlays and voiceovers, and share them. There is also coaching to help you improve and a library of pro swings to show you how it’s done. With the iOS version, you can get extra information from your Apple Watch on tempo, hand path, and hand speed, but for the full range of metrics you need to spring for the Zepp sensor at $150. The free app is worth using, though, and it also has score tracking with GPS. Newer versions added more than 1,000 golf clubs.

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Golf GPS SwingU

This free app is a solid GPS rangefinder with thousands of golf courses in its database. It will help you with distances to the green on every hole and highlight obstacles to avoid with satellite imagery. It also works as a digital scorecard and keeps track of your handicap. If you want extras like wind speed and club recommendations you can subscribe for $4 per month. There is also support for the Apple Watch, allowing you to check distances, pars, and scores on your wrist. Recent versions debuted SwingU Versus, an integrated strokes gained analysis system available to Premium subscribers only, which tracks and analyzes every facet of your game. The app also makes tour-level stats available to Premium subscribers. It’s also now easier to see your rounds and handicap in a single view in the Performance Tab.

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The 19th hole is usually a bar you retire to after a round of golf, but in this case, it’s a handy free app packed with useful features. There is a solid GPS rangefinder, digital scorecard, performance statistics tracking, and the option to check out tee times, find discounts, and book a round on many courses. With a nice, clean interface, the ability to chart your progress, and a lively community this is a golf app that’s worth checking out. It also supports the Apple Watch and you can subscribe to unlock more features. The newest versions feature a shot tracker for premium pro members so you can now track individual shots throughout your round to gain advanced club statistics. Golf news is now included in the app, while a new home screen serves as a front page for the latest headlines from the Tour and content from the best instructors.

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If you just want a relatively no-frills digital scorecard that calculates scores, handicaps, and stats for up to five players, then this app will suit you down to the ground. It offers satellite images and GPS to help you calculate distances and there is support for side games, but mainly it’s about tracking your strokes. You can also use it to analyze stats or rounds and share them with friends. Newer versions enhance support for adjusted strokes, support the new World Handicap System, and make available adjusted gross score in the stats.

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GolfNow: Tee Time Deals

For tee times and discounted prices on rounds at more than 6,000 golf courses worldwide, this app is a winner. You can book directly in the app, check course information and reviews, and get directions to courses near you. This app includes a GPS rangefinder, digital scorecard for up to four players, and statistics tracking. It also supports Apple Watch and Wear OS. A VIP membership option that offers a few perks and rewards costs $200 per year.

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Golf Live 24

For fans of golf seeking the latest scores from the biggest tournaments around the globe, this free app has you covered. Scores come through in real time, complete with round results and player scorecards. This app covers more than 100 golf tournaments, making it easy to stay in touch with what’s happening in the world of pro golf. It’s free but you will have to put up with some ads. Newer versions feature graphic adjustments, easier notification options, advanced optimization, and the ability to add any player in a tournament to your “My games” list.

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