Introduction Fluxing a lot of documents every day is quite actual for all modern companies nowadays. It is pretty good for making the image of your company. To provide serious service, you shall make various reports for each task providing by your managers. It doesContinue Reading →

OCR Software Free

The tech industry has been coming up with revolutionary software designed to improve business operations while ironing out human inefficiencies for maximum output. One of the latest inventions is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. This software works by electronically or mechanically converting images typed,Continue Reading →

Have you suffered the embarrassment of having your generic headphones glitch out in the middle of a Zoom call, tried to message a colleague for the info, and got caught out? Does your PC’s built-in microphone suffer from feedback, distortion, and other audio errors thatContinue Reading →

Excitement about 5G, the fifth generation of mobile network technology, has been building steadily for years now. All the major carriers have deployed their initial “nationwide” networks, and they’re all poised to seriously expand the reach and capabilities of those networks throughout this year andContinue Reading →