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The Growing Importance of Home Technology Long since considered miscellaneous in nature by the large majority of citizens. Home technology has evaded most people’s notice simply out of the fact that it seems far too gadgety to be of practical concern. For the longest time,Continue Reading →

Smart locks have become sophisticated, with some high-end models boasting fingerprint unlock, shared access codes, anti-jam protection, and other innovative features. While they all strive to provide homeowners with convenience and security, they have something else in common. An unmistakable design. You know it’s aContinue Reading →

Where picture-taking and scrapbooking are great ways to keep a printed breadcrumb trail through our life and times, physical media is prone to wear and tear. Since the advent of digital cameras, computers, USB, and cloud-stored files are the new way of taking and keepingContinue Reading →

Devout movie-watchers would be hard-pressed to keep up with Hulu’s rotating lineup of films. Every week, new movies land on the platform, while others depart. With a curation of incredible flicks both old and new, we’re here to help you get the most out ofContinue Reading →

If you’ve found a great streaming service to enjoy, perhaps even one of the many free services available, your next step is finding a high-quality streaming device to watch your favorite movies, whether they’re on Netflix or elsewhere. Best Streaming Devices Of all the choicesContinue Reading →