The Huawei P40 Pro has landed, and it’s an impressive smartphone, living up to the high standard of the P30 Pro. The latest iteration from Huawei occupies the same flagship spot as its previous release, sitting one step under the more expensive Plus model —Continue Reading →

Where picture-taking and scrapbooking are great ways to keep a printed breadcrumb trail through our life and times, physical media is prone to wear and tear. Since the advent of digital cameras, computers, USB, and cloud-stored files are the new way of taking and keepingContinue Reading →

This artist’s illustration represents the possible interior dynamics of the super-Earth exoplanet LHS 3844b. The planet’s interior properties and the strong stellar irradiation might lead to a hemispheric tectonic regime. Universität Bern / University of Bern, Illustration: Thibaut Roger As far as we know, theContinue Reading →